Who on earth sends postcards to a knitwear factory?

Of the things I found in the knitwear factory, I really do believe I rescued these. In a damp pile of printed brochures, an album of postcards, addressed on the most part to two men at the factory.

They all seem to have been sent from Sweden and Norway – many from Bergen, some Stockholm, and various other places. They seem to be recommendations of retailers, maybe potential customers of Peter Scott, but I feel they must be more personal than that. I want to find a secret affair, a love story, a solid friendship reaching across the north sea, a conspiracy, secret spy messages slipping through the net, something! Anything!

This is the sixth in the album. It’s postmarked the third of November 1965, from Stockholm.

I’m not the best at reading other peoples’ handwriting, but maybe it’s a person called Ingrid? what’s she saying about fathers’ day? In November?

Someone’s scribbled over it, two lines, and maybe that’s the initials, MP? Who is Mr Penman? What’s going on?

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