23/2/2020 (Cat assisted archiving)

Over the last week or so, I’ve been slowly working my way back through the book of postcards. Many of them are stuck down, and I’ve been very carefully working them off, one at a time, just enough to read what’s written on the back.

I’ve made a note of the order they were in, and today am on the verge of taking them out completely, so I can photograph them properly. There are careful little pencil marks at the corners of each card, from whoever put them in there.

I’ve just ordered some paper self-adhesive corners, which I’ll probably stick them back in with. They arrive on Wednesday, apparently.

Most of the stuck-down ones were sent in the spring of 1960, and are black and white. There’s a series of ones of the same design, with “Hälsing från…” and the name of the town, a coat of arms at the top, and photos from the various attractions in the town.

Picking one out at random, I found Finspång. According to Wikipedia, it has a slightly smaller population than Hawick, but fewer ‘notable people’. Their ratio is 5:1 of men to women, while Hawick’s is currently 9.6:1. They have fewer people on their list (Finspång has 5 and Hawick has 32).

One of the biggest hazards of working with cats in the studio is the dribbling. I think I need to give them bibs or something if I don’t want splash marks on my notes. Anyone else’s cats dribble everywhere when they purr?

postcards in album, notebook and cat