29/01/20 (Bring back the glass brick)

Too many spaces and too many images, and a task of watching all these videos through is going slowly, because out of the roughly 100gb of video I have from Summer 2018, most of them seem to shout something at me, and I’ve not got past the ground floor yet.

This is at the back of the main Peter Scott building, between the ground and the first floor. The fancy panelled foyer continues only until it’s out of view from the foot of the stairs, and then turns into the more utilitarian magnolia painted walls. The room on the other side of the glass bricks on the right is part of an empty corridor, with doors at either end. On the other side of those doors, it’s pitch black, and reaching the thin light filtered by one, then another layer of this wonderful material is an immense relief to the explorer, who knows they’re the only person in the building, but doesn’t completely believe it.

Glass bricks are up there with the concrete cut-out square things for garden walls as things I remember believing were the height of design perfection in the late nineties, when for a while my sole ambition was to be an interior designer (everything lilac with swirly silver things, please). My great uncle had them under the stairs at his home, and I remember touching them with wonder, this great textural tension between them and a hairy carpet that was probably mostly dog hair. I can close my eyes and almost smell that house.

Please someone tell me you can still get these wonderful things somewhere?