28/3/23 (IPFAAWIW: a terrible acronym)

It’s update time: I’m mostly on track, but there’s life and stuff to deal with, mostly good, some that I might put on the blog at some point, which I have Opinions about, some that’s just normal life stuff.

After taking all the winter polaroids, I’ve been starting work on getting the book together, hurrah! I’ve been pulling colours out of the photographs to use in the pages, and it’s looking a little like this right now:

I’m experimenting with how the colour fits around the images, but also (not shown here) how I can get really close into the images.
I think I’m going for an A5 size book, the same size as my very messy sketchbook. by going slightly smaller than I’ve worked on for I’ve Only Been Here Half My Life, I might be able to manage to make them hardback(!). It lets the images of polaroids be almost life-size, and will be a really lovely tactile size when it’s done. Alongside the planned Spring, Summer and Autumn books they’ll form a pleasing little set of publications. Right now, I’m getting focussed in on colour and shapes and straightening things up with affinity. I recently treated myself to the Affinity suite, which is like Photoshop, InDeisign, etc, but is actually affordable! It’s still a bit of a learning curve since I used Adobe for years (back when it was £200 for a student copy and there was no such thing as a subscription).

Here’s a couple of polaroids that made the cut:

If you missed out on the Kickstarter, please do get in touch to pre-order a copy of the book – there are still a good few left out of the edition of 100, it’s £22 plus £3 for postage and packaging.

Also, I’ve set up a Patreon page! please do take a look, I’ve not had a chance to promote it yet, but it’s tiered so you can get access to my new videos (Urm, coming soon!), and another where you get nice art cards sent to you in the post! Check it out here.