8/3/23 (Melrose 7s…)

I just wanted to jump on the blog here because I was curious here about a “Women in Business Lunch” that’s being held at the Melrose 7s, internationally famous rugby tournament that I’ve never been to. It smells a bit Girl Boss-y and I was curious about the entrance price of £60. I’m fairly sure that’s more than I’ve ever spent on a dinner, let alone a lunch, but it does appear to have more to it than just lunch so I’ll leave them be.

I had a bit of a nose around the website, unaware of wether there’s a equal split of women’s and men’s teams at the event and curious to find out, but have been completely railroaded by the ticket pricing for people who require wheelchair access. For the privilege of a spot that’s wheelchair friendly (and I assume friendly to folk with other mobility issues?), visitors get to pay £5 more than the rest of the crowd.

But before we think ‘oh, that essentially makes a carer’s ticket £5, that’s a pretty good deal!’, hang on a second.

I’ve got a small amount of experience visiting events and venues with friends who have mobility issues and use wheelchairs. What actually happens, or should happen (actually I think the deal should probably be better than this given the state of disability benefits, but let’s not go there right now) is that the carer’s ticket is free, because well, they’re not there to watch the rugby, they’re there on-duty as a carer, whether or not they’re paid, family, or a pal who may or may not want to go and see the thing. Charging £40 rather than £35 for a wheelchair user to attend the same event is unacceptable. It’s discrimination.

This doesn’t add up, Melrose 7s. That £5 isn’t just a fiver, it’s a symbolic statement from whoever sets the ticket prices that folk who use wheelchairs are a hassle, that they somehow should have less access to an event than everyone else.

I wasn’t even planning on going, but I really won’t be now.

I’m also annoyed that I couldn’t use my really funny wordplay about IWD (International Women’s Day) in the title because it would be misleading, thanks Melrose 7s for that too!


Some information on the Carers Trust website about free entry for carers to visitor attractions is here.
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