13/1/23 (Just launched my Kickstarter ahhhhh!)

After quite a lot of dithering and spreadsheets, Kickstarter’s #Make100 campaign has finally inspired me to bite the funding bullet and launch my first ever Kickstarter campaign.

(right now I’m actually freaking out a bit and getting ready to press the button at 12 noon exactly because 11:33 just feels a bit awkward.)

The project is a part of a bigger one that’s becoming quite an important part of my ongoing art practice, based around an area of ancient woodland near where I live in the Scottish Borders.

It’s simple: I want to make a new book, filled with polaroid photographs of the collection of fallen trees I’ve been following over the past 12 months since they were damaged in Storm Arwen (and more storms since!). I’ve got the camera, I’ve got the idea, I’ve just not got the funds for the film and printing, and that’s where YOU come in! 😉

Head here to back the campaign and pledge for your copy of the limited-edition (100) book (there are original photos and cards available too!) or press the big enticing button:

If you’d like to read more about the project (more coherent than my video sorry):

I got a bit carried away writing about it on my blog here.

Here’s a post about experimenting with the expired cartridge of exposures that came with the camera, and about how it came to me: Click this there’s a video I like better than my campaign video!

Polaroid photograph detail of a beech tree with its root plate showing, the word KICKSTARTER is across the bottom in white.


Here’s an important vote of thanks to Sam Cornwell for his advice and encouragement. Sam launched Solarcan on Kickstarter back in 2017 and is based in the weird/wonderful town of Hawick! You can check out Solarcan at their website here!