Rising and Falling


8m 59s

Rising and Falling is an examination of footage from the vicinity of the Borthwick Water, filmed between 2014 and 2017. The Borthwick Water runs from Craik Forest, through Roberton in The Borthwick valley, and meets the Teviothead, before it flows into Hawick.

The film explores themes of home and safety, transience, reflections and repetition through a personal connection and a sense of place. The accompanying zine shares selected thoughts, notes and diaries from the days the footage was taken.

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Free Flow, 7-10 September 2017, Part of a MIMC screening with Hawick Community Energy Group and Scottish Borders Heritage Festival in Alchemy Film & Arts.
Peebles Outdoor Film Festival, 28/01/18

Rising and Falling_Jessie Growden.pdf