Rising and Falling – Words

Rising and Falling
Jessie Growden, 2017, 00:08:58
Notes, Diaries and Memories

1 – 22/07/2017 NT 35036 08008


2 – 27/06/2017 NT 38647 09943


3 – 22/07/2017 NT 35036 08008


4 – 30/12/2015 NT 34790 07937
The plan WAS for me to go with Mum to Hawick + then bus across to Gala to get some work done. The rising Borthwick Water put a stop to that. I was out with Dad and Billy building a wall from breezeblocks along the road by our fence to prevent the water getting into the garden. Got to meet some of the new neighbours at 5 + 6 though. Walked to the picnic area with Dad + Ed, where everything was wet and Dad climbed on some larch that had fallen over the river. We told him to stop being stupid, but took photos anyway.


5 – 22/07/2017 NT 34951 08087


6 – 30/12/2015 NT 39867 11775
Dad + I drove down to Deanburn to see if they needed help down there, met one of the new guys at Hoscote, and filmed our journey back up the valley. I want to do something for a film festival soon…


7 – 27/06/2017 NT 40983 12366


8 – 25/12/2015 NT 35414 07930
Craik: totally just about qualifies as a white Christmas! Yay snow! I went looking for hazel for Dad’s basket weaving after he put the turkey in, so we got a nice walk.


9 – 27/06/2017 NT 38683 10183


10 – 22/07/2017 NT 34981 08054


11 – 13/11/2016 NT 13303 58909
Sunday at Craik. We walked up to the waterfall in the mud and talked…


12 – 30/01/2015 NT 34792 07924
I went for a walk up through Howpasley up their road, to just before the trees start. I was following the footprints of someone else and a dog but they had been further than me.


13 – 30/01/2015 NT 34792 07924
I went for a walk this evening, in the rain and the wind – the night was surprisingly light, but I think it’s nearly a full moon, or just past one, because it was bright, in a murky way.
I felt like I’d gone back in time or into a dream. What I could feel and see and hear was something wonderful, just a feeling like I was in a childhood memory, or that I was back somewhere I’ve been before. I don’t think it’s fair trying to put such a thing onto a sheet of paper, it took over so much more, that is there, the earth I stand on, and the time everything happens in.


14 – 22/07/2017 NT 34981 08054


15 – 09/11/2014 NT 34792 07924
Start at the beginning and see where to go. Into the woods of course and forwards and onwards and up the hill and past the signposts past the timber stacks carry on until you forget about people and sit somewhere quiet. There’s no-one around, no voices sound of breathing just movement of the wind flutter of wings rustle of leaves trickle of stream pure silence of the closest I can get the purest way of being nowhere at all, no contact, no signal, no nothing.


16 – 17/01/2015 NT 33035 08909
Walked up to the waterfall with Brian. The tree that fell down it has slid, but it’s still there…


17 – 22/07/2017 NT 35036 08008
Stones and peace. The only way to find the same stone again would be to take it with me, but doesn’t taking it away mean it won’t be the same stone anymore?


18 – 25/12/2015 NT 35414 07930
Everyone seemed happy with their jumpers – Doctor Who was great, but it’s River Song’s last episode ever? Nothing else on telly. Drank lots of port and ate too much food.


19 – 30/12/2015 NT 34754 07913


20 – 30/12/2015 NT 34769 07931


21 – 27/06/2017 NT 41704 13115
By the Snoot. I went in there once, visiting or dropping something off, tagging along. I only met John once or twice. He told us a story about his black beret. London, a puddle? I peered through from the porch. We were dropping off an electric bicycle. Maybe picking it up. It enjoyed a long stay in the garage, but I don’t think it got fixed.


22 – 30/12/2015 NT 34764 07926


23 – 22/07/2017 NT 34981 08054


24 – 27/06/2017 NT 39475 11248


25 – 22/07/2017 NT 35036 08008
The deep trench in the river, just after they meet: The Aithouse Burn, the Borthwick Water, and the Howpasley Burn. It was so deep we couldn’t see the bottom. The water went over our wellies.

26 – 27/06/2017 NT 39879 11772


27 – 30/12/2015 NT 38956 10460
In 2005, the morning after the floods in October, where the water came from above us, peaking as it passed us by. We drove past here and there was a sheep, dead against a fence, blood and filth. Irresistible force. I’ve forgotten a lot of things that happened that year, but that image stays. That and the flies in the porch, the daddy longlegs and the moths, escaping a habitat changed.


28 – 19/12/2014 NT 33035 08909
Perception of the forest – movement – not necessarily my feet. Snow falling… It must end, and you must return.


29 – 30/12/2015 NT 34730 07922


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