11/10/21 (A Knitting Pattern)


It’s monday again, and while I’m trying to work out how to write about the interesting responses to my sharing of last monday’s blog post in a local Facebook group, I’m slowly developing this work that’s some sort of performance-based cosplay-ish video thing where I slowly become Tall Meepa, my Final Fantasy XIV Online character. Here’s a still from some video I recorded a few weeks ago, at the Moving Image Makers Collective’s Conversations with a Forest event.

The artist, performing in a woodland – she is performing a roundhouse kick and is wearing black workout gear and yellow doc martens.

Since wearing the yellow boots, I’ve been working on the next part of Tall’s outfit – her bobble hat.

It’s a Kupo Knit Cap, and Tall earned hers by assisting with the refurbishment of the Firmament, an area in the game that’s going to be made into housing, after being damaged in the calamity, five years ago (or something like that). There weren’t any patterns for it on Ravelry, my go-to website for knitting patterns, so I’ve written my own.

If I’ve got wordpress behaving, you can download the pattern and knit your very own below.

Tall Meepa, visiting some friends in the Lavender Beds. She’s wearing a Kupo Knit Cap.
The In-Real-Life Kupo Knit Cap