24/4/20 (Postcard 5)

I’m very lucky to have a backyard. It’s sometimes easy to forget about, because it’s not really visible from inside the house, unless you really do hang out of the window. It catches the sun in the afternoons, and I’m working on my tan.

I’m not really working on my tan, eventually my freckles will blend together, but it takes a whole summer spent outside with inadequate sun protection. I’ve hung a load of washing out to dry, and am enjoying watching it move gently in the very slight breeze.

Postcard 5 is from Umeå.

I dropped randomly into the centre of Umeå on Google Maps, and arrived at a restaurant / bar called Plectrum. According to TripAdvisor, it’s a bit average, but it is on the same street as the building on the front of the postcard.

Apparently, there are 2,300 birch trees in the city. This seems to be a thing unique to Umeå, but it was included in a list, along with things like population as if there’s a birch count for all Swedish cities.