15/4/20 (Postcard 4)

Today I’ve been looking at postcards on Ebay. Postcards sent from Hawick, and others when I got sidetracked. There’s quite a market for all sorts of postcards on there, which I’d not really considered before – I know people collect stamps, and sure, they’re interesting things, but postcards have so much more personality!

I’m tempted by the ebay postcards from Hawick, but am really not sure what I’d actually do with a collection of the things when I’ve not worked out what I want to do with the ones I have already.

I was hoping to get to Hawick and buy some new postcards, but while that’s not justifiable, I dug out the only one I had:

I think I bought this in 2008, after being instructed to take things like postcards and local confectionery on an international Scout camp. I’m really not sure what the logic was behind this, because everyone knows all people want to swap at scout camps are badges, neckies (Some people refer to these as scarves, and they’re wrong), and uniforms. I may have been the only one to take the instruction seriously and arrive with postcards. I’m mot sure what happened to the rest, but this one came back with me and now lives in my box of cards that I’ll one day send when the internet breaks or something.

Here’s postcard 4, another from 1960. The handwritten date on there is the 29th of February, but it arrived in Hawick on the 14th of March.