I am Tall Meepa


56m 18s loop

I am Tall Meepa is a site-specific installation that’s part of the Moving Image Makers Collective‘s Conversations with a Forest project. I am Tall Meepa is the infiltration of the MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game, Final Fantasy XIV into a woodland in the Scottish Borders.

Following the Artist’s character and alter ego through the great forest which is the Black Shroud, a tour of this digital landscape is conducted. As the character, Tall Meepa, runs through the shroud, accompanied by her minion, Drippy (it’s very cute but I’m not sure what it is), she will also be running through the ‘real’ woodland in which the work is situated.

She’s spent her whole existence in a digital world; this turn around of events seeks to see if we can give agency to the self-designed versions of ourselves, and to examine the boundaries between the real and the digital places in our lives.

I’m writing more about the ideas explored in this work on my blog. Scroll down to watch the trailer.

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